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Daniel N
March 2024

Best day ever! went diving with these guys today with my son (10 years old) and had an amazing time!!! We are locals here on the Big Island and I wanted to find the best company for kids and I found them. The crew was so patient with him. We went on what's called a "discovery dive" which doesn't require a certification. just a short online tutorial and a briefing on the boat regarding safety and the equipment. then two boat dives. my son had his own instructor. if you're like me, an avid diver, and want to turn your kids on to scuba this company is the place. we'll be back to take their Padi certification course this summer. I highly recommend Aquatic Life Divers!! true story!

The Way the World Learns to Dive: Personalized Training

At Aquatic Life Divers, it's not just personalized; it's transformative.


Dive in and explore a world beyond imagination.


PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the most recognized dive training organization worldwide with 29 million certifications and counting.


PADI Dive Instructors undergo rigorous training to ensure your scuba certification class is fun and safe.

Best Learning Experience

Welcome to the premium diving experience, where education meets an unparalleled environment. Our location features an infinity pool with an amazing view of the Kona coastline, providing the perfect backdrop for refining your diving abilities. We pride ourselves on offering personalized attention, with the smallest student to instructor ratio in the industry at 4:1.

Personalized Attention

At our dive center, experience the essential Open Water Course, including immersive pool sessions. But there's more- our Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) course offers a 2:1 ratio, providing the most instructor attention for those curious about underwater exploration. No certification required; just dive in and discover.

Tailored Approach

Our approach tailors the experience to you, with personalized instruction and immersive e-learning. Dive into the depths with confidence, as we speak to the thrill of exploration, offering an adventure beyond the ordinary.

Join Our Community

Joining us means more than gaining skills; it's joining a passionate community. Once you dive with us, you're forever part of the Aquatic Life Divers family, connected to Hawai'i's incredible ocean environment.

Starting at $299 | 4-5 Hours | Seasonal Pricing

Discover Scuba Diving Course

Experience the allure of Hawaii's waters with no commitment necessary. Our PADI-certified instructors, boasting years of experience, will guarantee your comfort while utilizing our high-quality diving equipment.

Starting at $699 | 2-3 Days | Seasonal Pricing

PADI Open Water Certification

Get certified with our crew and unlock a lifetime of global diving opportunities! Join the world's premier scuba diving course today!

Starting at $899 | 2 Days | Seasonal Pricing

PADI Advanced Open Water Certification

Take your skills as a certified diver to the next level! Learn about diving to new depths, underwater navigation, and master your buoyancy control. This course consists of 5 adventure dives, with no time needed in a classroom or pool. Dive right in and become an Advanced diver today!

Call for more details | Seasonal Pricing

Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty

The most popular specialty. Enriched Air gives you more no decompression time, allowing you to stay down longer and get back in the water sooner.

Call for more details | Seasonal Pricing

Refresher Course

If you're certified but it's been years since your last dive, a refresher course is an excellent way to reacquaint yourself with the equipment and skills needed to enjoy scuba diving around the world!

Call for more details | Seasonal Pricing

PADI Rescue Certification

Be prepared in case of emergencies and gain useful skills for how to assist other divers in need. Become a more confident diver, knowing you can handle a variety of situations that may arise.

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