Blackwater Diving - Aquatic Life Divers

Experience Blackwater Diving

Black water diving is an exciting and unusual experience that will impress even the most advanced divers. When night falls, the largest daily migration occurs, when sea creatures that otherwise remain deep within the ocean rise to the surface to feed. You will see species that spend their days around 1000 to 3000 feet below the ocean surface. These include juvenile fish, invertebrates, and others that provide displays of bioluminescence.


Blackwater Specifics

Using a 50-foot tether over the open ocean, you will be secured to our boat as it drifts with the current using a sea anchor. Flashlight in hand, you will be amazed by alien-like species that you would not otherwise encounter during the daytime or close to the reef. Because education is a cornerstone of Aquatic Life Divers, one of our experienced dive masters will teach you and other divers about the black water species. If you are interested in our night reef dives or our night manta dives, check out our other Night Diving Experiences