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ʻĀkoʻakoʻa Foundation

Contributing to ʻĀkoʻakoʻa Foundation supports ground-breaking research while also giving back to our global community. ʻĀkoʻakoʻa Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our mission at ʻĀkoʻakoʻa Foundation is multifaceted. We aim to foster diversity, inclusion, and representation within the dive community in Hawai'i, particularly addressing barriers faced by aspiring marine scientists of color. In addition, we support natural disaster-affected areas with dive communities, recognizing their importance in maintaining the health of surrounding waterways, ocean ecosystems, and reef systems. By assisting local dive communities in rebuilding and recovering from such events, we empower them to make a positive impact on their environment once again. Our focus on eco-tourism and tourism for good ensures that the benefits of diving extend beyond recreation to conservation and community resilience. Through advocacy, education, and innovative initiatives, we strive to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals interested in pursuing scientific diving, enriching the marine science field with diverse perspectives and talents while addressing pressing conservation needs.

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