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Superior Snorkeling in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

low-cost rates for all of our most popular snorkeling charters

At Aquatic Life Divers, we take your snorkeling fun seriously. We'll not only ensure you have the right gear to see the water life up close, but we'll also take you to ideal snorkeling spots and answer all of your questions.

Our team of certified dive instructors has years of experience, and we offer low-cost rates for all of our most popular snorkeling charters. Connect with us today and we'll ensure your next snorkeling trip is fantastic.

See gorgeous sea life up close

You Can Trust Our Dedicated and Well-Paid Team to Take Care of You

Hawaii is home to some of the most diverse underwater sea life imaginable, and we'll ensure you get to see it up close with our signature snorkeling tours. We know the most exclusive diving locations and offer affordable equipment rentals, diving certification, whale watching, and private charters on the island.

Exceptional snorkeling destinations

Are you touring Big Island and want a memorable snorkeling adventure? Our snorkeling excursions are fun, friendly, and offer fantastic experiences with beautiful coral reefs, fish, sharks, whales, and manta rays. We'll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with snorkeling guidance to ensure you're safe and have an exceptional time. Contact us today.

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