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Learn to Scuba Dive in Kailua Kona, HI

exceptional scuba diving excursions

We offer exceptional scuba diving excursions that the whole family can enjoy. From the docks of Kailua-Kona, HI, we'll take you and your party to ideal diving spots to find some of the most beautiful coral reefs, sea life, and underwater vistas in the region. Whether you're a first-time diver looking to get open water certified or you want to do some darkwater diving, we have an expedition for you.

Our divemasters are fully PADI-certified and have years of experience to ensure your time under the sea is safe and fun. Contact us today to learn about our latest dive expeditions, courses, and certification programs.

Discover scuba diving

Our Boats Are Perfect for an Intimate Experience

Discover the wonder and beauty of undersea life for a reasonable price. If you've always dreamed of scuba diving, but you're not ready to become fully certified, we offer discovery scuba diving expeditions that will teach you the basics of wearing diving gear and allow you to explore shallow reefs while in the company of our divemasters. We offer over 40 different dive locations, and we'll be sure you feel at ease as you experience your first diving adventure.

Scuba certification and more

Have you taken the plunge before and are ready to be fully certified for open water? We can help. We offer multiple diver certification courses that include the PADI open water dive certification, advanced certification, and rescue diver certification. We provide online classes, closed water training, gear rentals, education, and all the needed open water dives to become prepped and certified. Enjoy a world of diving opportunities when you get certified through Aquatic Life Divers today.

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