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Professional Refresher Course in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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If you're certified to open water dive or hold an advanced diver certification, but its been years since the last time you went out, a refresher course is an excellent way to refamiliarize yourself with the equipment and skills needed to enjoy scuba around the world. Our PADI-certified dive instructors will review all needed information and focus on any concerns or questions you may have before taking you out for a dive you'll love. Contact us today to schedule your refresher diving course.

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Unlike many other activities, you don't need to be in perfect physical condition to enjoy diving fully. We'll help you assess your diving capabilities, review equipment usage, and skills required, including all aspects of buoyancy and pressurizing, and ensure you're more than confident on your next dive. Connect with us today to learn more about upcoming refresher courses.

We’ll get you up to date and confident

Diving technology routinely changes and upgrades, and today's latest standard tank, computers, and gear are much more accessible and user-friendly than you may remember. We'll get you up to date on the latest diving equipment usage and ensure you feel confident as we take you to some fantastic diving locations. Our rates are reasonable, and we'll strive to see you're more than satisfied with the experience.

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