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We Treat Each Other Like Family

Aquatic Life Divers is a leading dive company born from the love of the ocean by dedicated dive enthusiasts. We hope to share that enthusiasm with you! Our mission is to empower people to become better stewards of our marine environment through adventure and education. We educate on coral and ocean conservation and want to leave future generations something to be hopeful for, something to work towards, and a dive ohana they can share it with. Contact us today for more information about our upcoming dive classes and water excursions.

The boats

"Amelia" and "Johan" were blessed on November 3rd, 2018 by a Hawaiian Elder named Kealoha. Armstrong makes these custom-built dive vessels, boasting twin Yamaha 300 Outboard Motors to get you out and diving with speed and comfort. Read the entire story of our boats on our blog.

The Crew

     Dedicated to educating people about the health and well-being of our Coral and Ocean Ecosystem. Coral bleaching is happening at an unprecedented rate, and we are committed to making a difference. Join us in saving the planet and repopulating the coral species on the Big Island! Contact us to learn how you can start making a difference.

Tara Brooks is a PADI open water instructor and captain-in-training at Aquatic Life Divers. As an instructor, she has demonstrated she is knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and most of all, fun. Originally from Eugene, Oregon where she studied marine biology, Tara moved to Kona in 2012 after the passing of her mother. Shortly after this loss she decided to get open water certified and claims that, through diving, the ocean helped to heal her. Her charisma is one of her best attributes and as a “finder of all the things,” you will always have a good day when Tara is on the boat.

     Tiffany Caravalho is a former PADI Divemaster turned office assistant at Aquatic Life Divers. She was born and raised on the Big Island but has called Kona her home for the last three years. When she isn't busy working on her computer science degree, she enjoys fun dives, hiking, and spending time at the beach with her fiancé and two rescue dogs, Malu and Haku. As someone who appreciates having fun, she is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our guests have everything they need to enjoy their experience.

     Zain Hicks originates from Kentucky but has lived in Hawaii, on and off, for ten years now. Zain is a PADI-certified Instructor with CPR and First Air endorsements. He is also a USCG-Certified captain and usually works for Aquatic Life Divers in this capacity. Zain has over 2000 dives, of which about 1500 are in Hawaii, with the remainder being in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Galapagos. Zain loves the water, rides a motorcycle, and his most memorable dive was off Darwin Island in the Galapagos.

     Mason is a native eco-minded Californian who has worked on a broad spectrum of projects in both Vanuatu and Hawaii. He is responsible for bringing the Reef Check team on the radar of Aquatic Life Divers and is presently multi-tasking by organizing the coastal recovery project for Kohanaiki Ohana and coordinating the coral ecology interests of Aquatic Life Divers. Although not a divemaster (yet), Mason is an outstanding diver who coordinates some of our snorkel tours. Longer-term, we hope to be seeing much more of Mason on our boats as he develops his interests in reef ecology.

     Dane was born and raised in Texas, but fell in love with the marine environment and various watersports after moving to Hawaii in 2005. He is a PADI Instructor, USCG Boat Captain, enjoys freediving, sailing, fishing, and is an avid surfer. He embraces the waterman's spirit, which in Hawaii means not only enjoying the ocean but also taking care of it. It is this sense of responsibility that brought him to the Aquatic Life Divers ohana. While you may see Dane on the boats as a guide, instructor, or captain from time to time, he works mostly behind the scenes managing the company. He misses working on the water daily, but after over a decade of first hand experience of Hawaii's remarkable underwater world he finds that building Aquatic Life Divers' adventure, conservation, and education programs are the most effective way he can share and preserve what he loves.

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