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Makalawena Beach, Hawaii Island, Hawaii.

For a slice of secluded paradise featuring soft, white-sand beaches cradling mesmerizing blue-green waters, look no further than 'Maks.' Despite its popularity, this series of picturesque coves has a knack for absorbing crowds, leaving you with the sensation of discovering your own private oasis. The northernmost cove boasts smoother sands, perfect for leisurely strolls, while the southernmost cove, although unofficially, is known for clothing-optional sunbathing. While the waters beckon for a refreshing swim, be mindful of rough surf and submerged rocks. Adventurers can also indulge in bodyboarding and snorkeling amidst the pristine marine life.

During your visit, embrace the spirit of aloha by ensuring you leave no trace behind and respecting the solitude of fellow beachgoers. For locals, these beaches serve as a cherished spot for camping and fishing, making the surging popularity among outsiders a point of contention for some. And remember, when encountering sea turtles, maintain a respectful distance – it's both ethical and legally mandated to stay at least 20 feet away on land and 50 yards in the water.

Accessing Makalawena demands a bit of extra effort. Navigate to the Kekaha Kai (Kona Coast) State Park access road, situated between Mile Markers 90 and 91 off Hwy 19. Although a 4WD vehicle is recommended, many locals traverse this route in standard passenger cars. Proceed less than 1.5 miles until you reach a road junction just before the Mahaiʻula Beach parking lot. Take a right turn and park along the road shoulder near the cables restricting vehicle access to a service road. From there, embark on a scenic 30-minute walk northward across lava flows and sand dunes, following either the service road or a rougher footpath over rugged ʻaʻa lava.

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