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Kera Pasquerilla
December 2023

This was one of the BEST experiences I have ever had! Mary and the rest of the crew were so kind and knowledgable about the area, diving, and the Hawaiian culture. We extended our trip into a two-tank dive and got to explore the surrounding areas of the garden eel bay before going into our manta show. The waters were cooler than we were used to in Florida, but they happily provided us with 3 & 5mil wetsuits. Definitely bring a go-pro or underwater camera because you WILL want to bring this experience home!

Choose Your Adventure, 
One Dive At A Time.

Starting at $199 | 4-5 Hours | Seasonal Pricing

Two Tank Morning Reef Dive

Explore the top two dives in Kona for an unforgettable Big Island marine experience. With over 40 spectacular dive sites suitable for all skill levels, including snorkelers. The volcanic islands of Hawai'i are filled with lava tubes, caves, and deep walls - and Big Island has it all! As well the highest level of endemic species on the planet. Join us today to discover the best reefs Kona has to offer!

Starting at $219 | 5+ Hours | Seasonal Pricing

Two Tank Dusk Reef and Manta Night Dive

Experience one of our favorite charters, offering the best of both worlds! Enjoy a daytime dive to explore Kona's stunning reef environment, followed by the renowned Manta Ray Night Dive with some of the ocean's most majestic creatures. If you can only join one dive charter during your trip, this is the perfect choice. It offers great value, diverse experiences, and is one of the most consistent and popular wildlife viewing activities globally. And yes, you get to witness Kona's legendary sunset during the surface interval!

Starting at $139 | 3+ Hours | Seasonal Pricing

One Tank Manta Night Dive or Snorkel

Discover what the world is raving about! Kona is the home of a resident population of Manta Rays. These graceful, majestic gentle giants will leave you in awe! Your group of divers and snorkelers can share in one of the most consistent and astonishing wildlife encounters on Earth, all from the same boat.

Scuba Dive in Blackwater At Night and See exotic marine creatures.

Starting at $229 | 2+ Hours | Seasonal Pricing

Kona's Famous Blackwater Dive

Feeling adventurous? Dive into the depths of the open ocean at night, over a mile deep, and join us as we witness one of the world's largest migrations, happening every night off the Kona Coast of the Big Island, Hawai'i! Experience pelagic organisms and larval creatures as they ascend from the deep to the surface at night for feeding. Each night brings a unique encounter with exotic critters, ranging from the bottom of the food chain to the top. One thing is for certain: this dive is unlike any other you've experienced!

Starting at $499 per Hour | 3+ Hours | Seasonal Pricing

Private Charters

Experience fully customized ocean adventures tailored just for you. Explore exclusive hidden gems and secret spots away from the crowds with our private charters - your group, the open sea, and endless possibilities. Whether you're new to diving, seasoned pros, or snorkelers, we'll create an itinerary that suits you. We'll plan your charter based on what you want to see and experience, ensuring every moment is enjoyable.

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