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Robina Moyer
December 2023

We went out for a night manta snorkel/dive with Kyle, Frank and Hannah and had an amazing time! All of the crew were personable and knowledgeable and Hannah was an excellent snorkel guide. She made it clear that respecting the mantas was the top priority and shared our enthusiasm when they put on an amazing show! I would highly recommend if you’re in Kona!

One Tank Manta Night Dive or Snorkel

Discover what the world is raving about! Kona is the home of a resident population of Manta Rays. These graceful, majestic gentle giants will leave you in awe!

Your group of divers and snorkelers can share in one of the most consistent and astonishing wildlife encounters on Earth, all from the same boat.



  • Proof of certification (for divers).

  • Swimming ability (for those entering the water).

  • Proficiency in English (for safety communication).

  • Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Minimum age requirement: 10 years old (Younger kids? Consider a Private Charter!)

  • If you have a 10 or 11-year-old diver in your group, reserving a private guide is necessary for the best possible experience.

What We Provide

  • Memories, astonishment, inspiration

  • Expert local guides

  • Coral and sea life education

  • Snacks and drinks

  • Dive lights

  • Dive weights and air tanks included, Nitrox is $15/tank

  • Scuba equipment and GoPros available for rental

What To Bring

  • Towels

  • A sense of adventure

  • Gratuity for your guides

Rates & Times

  • Seasonal pricing starts at $169 for certified divers and $139 for snorkelers, $199 and $159 during peak season.

  • The duration of the experience is 3+ hours.

  • Guest check-in varies throughout the year, between 4:30 pm in the winter and 6:00 pm in the summer.

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