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We Make Diving an Easy and Fun Time for All Experience Levels

No matter your scuba experience, we provide a wide range of certification courses to ensure you have the expertise and skills to dive wherever you'd like. Earn your open water certification, rescue diver certification, or advanced certification with a team of ecologically-minded divemasters who have a passion for diving and maintaining the natural beauty of Hawaii's reefs and wildlife. Connect with us today to learn about upcoming certification courses.

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Discover Scuba Diving course

Are you new to diving? Our signature "Discover Scuba Dive" course allows you to do two dives on the reef up to a depth of 40 feet. You'll dive with a master PADI-certified instructor by your side at all times, who will keep you safe and point out some spectacular undersea sights. This program includes class instruction before your dives and two dives on the reef and lunch. Fall in love with diving and all it has to offer by contacting us today.

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Open water course & certification

You've discovered scuba diving and now you're ready to be certified, so why not learn from the friendly professionals at Aquatic Life Divers. We'll ensure you understand every needed skill and feel confident as you undergo your online learning, confined water diving sessions, and open water dives throughout Hawaii. At the end of our course, you'll have an open water PADI certification and the ability to dive almost anywhere in the world.

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Advanced certification

Do you want to take your diving to the next level? We offer PADI-certification for advanced water deep diving that will see you undertake five dives in three days. Connect with us now to schedule your advanced certification course with us today.

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Rescue diver course & certification

This course is a great first step in attaining a rescue diver certification. We'll teach you all about dive theory and how to assist divers in distress successfully. Advanced PADI certification is required. Contact us now for more information.

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Refresher course

Are you certified to dive, but it's been months, years, or decades since your last time? Our refresher course is ideal for familiarizing you with the latest equipment, reviewing diving essentials, and ensuring you enjoy the sport and all it has to offer. You'll practice buoyancy, breathing techniques, and pressurizing as you tour some of the island's most beautiful dive spots. Be sure to combine your refresher course with a private charter by contacting us now.

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