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One Mission: Cultivating
Marine Stewardship

Our mission is to advance sea preservation education and enhance ocean awareness by fostering ocean literacy through active eco-tourism, preservation activities, and culturally informed solutions.



Founder & CEO

Growing up on a family farm, Neil yearned for more than terrestrial life. His destiny unfolded in Oman, where his first dive marked the beginning of a lifelong passion.
Underwater meditations on the Anthropocene Epoch deepened his commitment to civic duty and environmental stewardship.
Inspired, Neil founded Aquatic Life Divers, a company embodying conservation, education, and adventure, aiming to enhance marine awareness and foster a positive impact on the global community through diving.


General Manager

Doug, a PADI Master Instructor and USCG Boat Captain, has traveled the world, sharing his passion for the underwater realm and teaching diving for over a decade.
Originally hailing from New Jersey, his fascination with the ocean blossomed during his first dive in the tropical waters of Thailand, sparking his decision to pursue diving as a career. With extensive experience spanning Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and now Hawaii, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge to his role.
Prior to settling on the Big Island, he resided and worked on Kauai, guiding advanced charters to Ni'ihau, known for its challenging yet rewarding dives. In Kona, his favorite dive site lies just off Honokohau harbor, where sightings of tiger sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles are common.
Doug's passion for marine life, particularly marine mammals like whales, dolphins, and the native Hawaiian monk seal, drives his commitment to providing exceptional dive experiences. Through his work, he aims to inspire divers to actively protect and preserve the oceans.

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Fleet Manager

Ryan, originally from Calistoga, CA, and now residing in Kona, boasts 24 years of diving experience and 22 years of driving boats, including a decade served as a USCG 100-ton captain. Among his favorite dive sites is Touch of Grey in Kona.

Passionate about ocean-related conservation, Ryan's dedication to preserving marine environments was ignited during his first tidepool walk on the West Coast. Beginning his diving journey at the age of 12, it catalyzed his pursuit of Marine Biology in college. His commitment to sustainability led him to teach sustainable fishing and reef stewardship on Kadavu Island in Fiji. Additionally, Ryan worked as a commercial diver on a fish farm in Hawaii, recognized for its sustainable fishery practices.
Ryan served as ASU's Marine Operations Manager for Hawaii's leading coral research, propagation, and restoration project on the island of Hawaii. Additionally, he deployed and recovered scientific instruments and equipment for research teams on UAF's R/V Sikuliaq along the West Coast of North America and the Arctic Ocean, contributing to a better understanding of ocean health.



Tara, a seasoned USCG Captain and PADI Instructor from Eugene, Oregon, boasts a wealth of certifications, including multiple PADI instructor levels and Reef Check Instructor credentials.
Renowned as an extraordinary guide and a master at uncovering the coolest underwater treasures, she has been enriching the island's diving community with her expertise and passion for over a decade.




Certified USCG Boat Captain and seasoned PADI Instructor, expertly navigating Kona's waters for over 20 years, offering unparalleled dive instruction and marine exploration experiences.




In February 2018, Mary's first scuba diving experience in the Caribbean ignited her passion for diving.


Certified in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, three weeks later, she ventured to Hawaii, where her first certified dive was the mesmerizing manta night dive. Moving to the island in 2021, she achieved Divemaster certification in 2022 and became an instructor in December 2023, eager to share her love for the ocean.

Mary's favorite sightings include dolphins, sharks, and rays. Kona's Skull Cave/Suck 'em Up, with its underwater caverns, lava tube, colorful sponges, and bright orange cup corals, tops her list. Wash Rock's thriving reef structure and frequent manta sightings also hold a special place. Touch of Grey is another favorite for observing schooling baby gray reef sharks.

Mary dreams of spotting a whale shark soon!
Night diving, with its vibrant nocturnal reef life, captivates her. Bigfin reef squid, sponge crabs, ornate octopus, and the sleeping habits of local reef fish add to her fascination.



Marc began his scuba diving journey in Malibu, California, where he started his training. After several years of kelp diving, he moved to Kailua Kona and ventured into the scuba diving industry, taking on roles as a dive guide, instructor, and boat captain.

Now, as an experienced dive guide, Marc specializes in marine life education, utilizing his degrees in marine biology and conservation biology from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. When he's not on the boat, he volunteers at public and private organizations, delivering engaging marine life presentations. With a focus on animal behavior, he shares his underwater videos and photos to captivate audiences.
Although Hawaii remains his primary diving destination, Marc's passion for marine conservation has also led him to the Indonesian islands. There, he educates students about marine conservation, drawing from his extensive experience in blackwater diving. 




Honey, Denver native, boasts 32 years of diving expertise. With a fervor for immersing guests in the island's wonders, she shares its gifts through diving, snorkeling, hiking, and cooking.
Originating from the Rockies, Honey's diving journey commenced in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Florida's emerald coast, earning certification at 12. Extensive liveaboard experience deepened her love for the ocean, maintaining awe with each adventure.
By day, Honey prepares culinary delights, highlighting the island's bounty, and by night, she guides ocean expeditions, sharing her love for the 'aina. With genuine joy, she ensures guests' delight, leaving indelible memories. And her favorite dive spot? Well, it's a secret, but join her for a special reveal!

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Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Suzie's diving journey began in 2019 while she was studying at university. Spending a couple of summers in the British Virgin Islands, she expanded her skills and achieved her Divemaster certification.

In 2023, Suzie relocated to Hawaii and joined Aquatic Life Divers, where she found her calling sharing her passion for the underwater world. While she has a fondness for tiger sharks and admires the grace of eels, Suzie finds tranquility and excitement in her favorite dive sites, Skull Cave and Driftwood. Her journey underscores her profound connection to the ocean and her commitment to exploring its wonders with care.

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