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The Best Dive Club in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Benefits of the Dive Club

When you join our Dive Club, you get to enjoy all sorts of benefits. You get to swim and dive with people who love diving just as much as you. While diving, you can help us with conservation projects or you can simply enjoy yourself. And the best part is that Dive Club members get to go further up and down the Kona Coast.

How to Join the Dive Club

We Have a Program That Allows You to Help Conserve the Environment

Joining our Dive Club is easy because we offer affordable prices. We believe that all diving lovers should be able to enhance their own experience, which is exactly what Dive Club does. Call us and we will explain all of the great perks you get when you join our club.

Why Did We Start the Dive Club?

At Aquatic Life Divers, we made a commitment to do a two-tank conservation charter twice a week, where we monitor over 60 dive sites. When we realized we couldn’t do everything ourselves, we started our Dive Club in 2020. Now, you can help us with our projects. Your membership fees help us fund these conservation charters.

Enjoy Extra Perks