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Aquatic Life Divers is a dive company born from the love of the ocean by dedicated dive enthusiasts. We want to share that enthusiasm with you! Our mission is to empower people to become better stewards of our marine environment through adventure and education. We educate on coral and ocean conservation and want to leave future generations something to be hopeful for, something to work towards and a dive ohana they can share it with.

The Boats

Amelia and Johan were blessed on November 3rd, 2018 by a Hawaiian Elder named Kealoha. These custom built dive vessels are made by Armstrong, boasting twin Yamaha 300 Outboard Motors to get you out and diving with speed and comfort.

Read the entire story of out boats on our Blog.

Meet The Crew

Dedicated to educating people about the health and wellbeing of our Coral and Ocean Ecosystem. Coral bleaching is happening at an unprecedented rate and we are committed to making a difference. Join us in saving the planet and repopulating the coral species on the Big Island! Contact us to learn how you can start making a difference.

Manny Katz

Manny originated from sunny Southern California but moved to Hawaiiwhen he was 17 years old. At the time, he was enrolled in HawaiiPacific University where he completed hisPADI Divemaster, Instructor, First Aid and CPR Certifications. Mannyworked in the dive industry in Adelaide, Australia and returned to Hawaii in February, 2019. His most memorable dives were on shipwrecks in Malta. Manny loves the water and, when he is not on a dive boat, he surfs with his friends along the West Hawaii coast.

Zain Hicks

Zain Hicks originates from Kentucky but has lived in Hawaii, on and off, for 10 years now. Zain is a PADI-certified Instructor with CPRand First Air endorsements. He is also a USCG-Certified captain, and usually works for Aquatic Life Divers in this capacity. Zain has over 2000 dives of which about 1500 are in Hawaii with the remainder being in Thailand, Indonesia and The Galapagos. Zain loves the water, rides a motorcycle and his most memorable dive was off Darwin Island in TheGalapagos!

Cody Roth

Cody Roth is both a USCG-Captain (50 ton), a PADI-qualified MasterSCUBA Diver Trainer and an IYT dive boat mate. Cody has been on-island since early-2017 and has gained detailed knowledge of many of the coolest dive sites in West Hawaii. "Skull Cave" is Cody's favorite dive site because of its beautiful overhead environment and its frequent sightings of octopus, Whitley's box fish and White Tip ReefSharks. Outside of working in the exciting Hawaii diving industry,Cody enjoys skateboarding, mountain biking and camping.

Neil Forsberg

Neil Forsberg is the owner of Aquatic Life Divers. The inspiration for the eco-dicing concept struck him in 1996 when he attended a seminar given by Dr. Mark Hixon (now at UH Manoa) who then described the threat that coral reefs were facing globally. This threat manifested itself in 2015 in West Hawaii and Neil has now focused his company on educating people on the ecology of reefs and what individuals might do to minimize and mitigate reef damage. Neil began diving in 1975 with a NAUI Certification and eventually transferred over to PADI where he earned his Rescue Certification in 1998. He has dived in gravel pits in Manitoba Canada (form where he derives), the Pacific Northwest coast,the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Cozumel. His most memorable dives were on to the Palancar Reef in 1981 in Cozumel, with Kona's mantas and,sporadically, with Kona’s tiger sharks.

Mason Myrmo

Mason is a native eco-minded Californian who has worked on a broad spectrum of Eco-minded projects in both Vanuatu and Hawaii. He is responsible for bringing the Reef Check team onto the radar of Aquatic Life Divers and is presently multi-tasking by organizing the coastal recovery project for Kohanaiki Ohana and coordinating the coral ecology interests of Aquatic Life Divers. Although not a Divemaster (yet), Mason is an outstanding diver who coordinates some of our snorkel tours. Longer-term, we hope to be seeing much more of Mason on our boats as he develops his interests in reef ecology.

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